Time for a skin care post! I can’t hold it in any longer…  Clinique’s “redness solution” is my new best friend. In order to fully understand why I love it so much, I need to explain my skin. I’ve inherited a pair of rosy cheeks from my mother’s side of the family. We blame it on her great grandfather and a dominant gene that  worked its way throughout the next couple of generations. I was one of them it struck hardest. Various parts of my face flair up unexpectedly turning my skin blotchy and fiery red; causing me frustration and making me self-conscious. Slapping on make-up is a necessity. My skin is also very dry and at times, prone to acne. After breaking out worse than I had ever in my life earlier in the summer, I finally bought some “Redness Solutions” to calm and moisturize my skin in an oil-free way. Within days I noticed a huge difference. It’s not as if my whole redness problem is solved, but it certainly is the best skincare technique I’ve found! For those of you who have similar skin issues, “redness solutions” is certainly worth a try!


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skin care: redness

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