Summer hair=messy hair. A new hairstyle can be the perfect accessory to an outfit! This one has a particular summery feel; sun bleached hair braided back into a messy bun. Having 2 braids twisted together adds some extra texture to this style. I have to have my hair tied back at work and I was tired of wearing pony-tails and top knots everyday. My favourite thing about this look is that it’s super easy-the messier you are, the better. Here is what I did:


1.     flip hair to one side

2.     section out a chunk of hair

3.     braid it

4.     secure first braid, grab another section of hair

5.     braid it

6.     twist 2 braids together and pin back

7.     twist and scrunch remaining hair back into a messy bun and secure with elastic

8.     pull wisps of hair out, loosen bun, tuck in any strands of hair into elastic





  1. Kristin

    Gorgeous! I love the look of braids.

  2. Adri

    Thanks Kristin!! : )

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