Okay loves! This is our first giveaway! Lets see how this goes:) ashressaday recently had its first birthday. We wanted to give away something really special, something we both love so much and hope you will love as well! We are going to be giving away a beautiful Clhei handbag. This one in particular is one of our favourite bags and you can have one for yourself! Here is how to enter!

Follow us on Instagram (shressblog) and take a picture of what inspires you most. It could be anything from a quote to a picture collage. Then #ashressadaygiveaway

*remember to make your profile public so we can see your Instagram!


If you don’t have Instagram find us on Facebook and make sure to like us and send us something inspiring, or upload your own photo and #ashressadaygiveaway

Thanks so much for reading! We have had such a fun year! We are SO excited to see what you guys send in! XO love Adri & Michaela

Visit www.clhei.com to see all the beautiful purses! Like them on facebook to see all the latest updates!

*This giveaway is international, it will be closed two weeks from now! xx





  1. Coralie

    Hey ! This bag is so pretty ! Is it an international giveaway ? xx

  2. Adri

    Hey Coralie! For sure! can’t wait to see you’re entry! : )

  3. name

    What day is the winner to be chosen? Happy Belated Birthday, by the way! (Fellow birthday girl today)

  4. Klara (kali_bird @ insta)

    Oops, forgot my name

  5. Adri

    Klara, the winner will be chosen August 17th! And a very Happy Belated Birthday to you too!! : ) xx

  6. Emma

    Where will the winner be announced?

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Clhei handbag giveaway.