My friend Zoe recently returned from a bike tour through Italy’s beautiful northern area. In order to cope with the Jet Lag and ¬†ease the transition from her daily croissants she decided to bring a taste of Europe to her home kitchen. I was lucky enough to observe and smell these unbelievably fresh croissants taking form ultimately building to the finally of rich flaky pastry melting on our pallets. Be Warned; these treats may only be compatible with Zoey’s daily epic mountain accents. Here is the recipe, enjoy!







  1. Dannie

    I discovered your blog recently and I just can’t wait to try all these! I need an oven, though. I love your blog, really. It inspires me every day. Thank you for all the tips and inspirational posts. :)
    Is there a way that anyone of you can help me with some hair looks? I really need help, i’m travelling this Thursday and I’m tired of the same boring loose hair and I was looking for something more elaborated but easy.
    Please, please, please.
    I hope you can answer :)
    Thank you very much

  2. Nicole

    I really enjoy your blog,, -Your inspiration tab is well..inspiring! I have always wanted to go to Canada and so seeing the pictures of your city/home are simply breathtaking. They give me a peek of what it is like. One day I will move there and let my children live the dream I have always envisioned! I do not tweet and very rarely fb but if you have an instagram,, I would love to follow you and Adri both!

A taste of Europe.