I bought this shirt from the sale rack at Superstore and thought I would add it to my winter wardrobe. The flower pattern was a little too much though, so I decided to eliminate some of it by cutting off the sleeves. I absolutely love how it tuned out; pretty, easy, and cute – my new go-to summer shirt!



  1. name

    I love it!

  2. Adri

    thanks! : )

  3. Jessica Wray

    cute idea! i might have to give it a whirl

  4. Kristin

    So cute! I will definitely have to try this before summer is over.

  5. Nicole

    I really enjoy your blog,, -Your inspiration tab is well..inspiring! I have always wanted to go to Canada and so seeing the pictures of your city/home are simply breathtaking. They give me a peek of what it is like. One day I will move there and let my children live the dream I have always envisioned! I do not tweet and very rarely fb but if you have an instagram,, I would love to follow you and Adri both!

sleeveless for summer

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