I hardly ever print real photos anymore, it is easy enough to snap a quick picture on my phone and store it on Instagram. If I somehow lost those photos I would be so upset because many of them are from trips and have sentimental meaning. I decided to make a mini collage to put up in my room using an empty ikea frame I’ve had laying around. I ordered the prints from Firebox, they come printed out in polaroid style on thick photo paper & a mini sharpie pen! This project took about five minutes and I am so happy with the way it turned out! I think this would make a lovely fathers day present (you could do pictures from a family trip, or pictures from when you were little)!! The instructions are pretty easy, its really up to you how you want your collage to look, I taped my photos to the cardboard that the picture frame comes with and then hung it in my room!




  1. Wendy

    This turned out great (cool idea). Your blog is beautiful. :)

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Summer Project: Instagram Picture Collage