For me, summer is synonymous with cut off denim shorts. The concept of shredding a pair of pants after a long winter is completely satisfying. I have seen many variations for this upcoming summer, particularly ones with precious lace detailing. I love the idea of ripped and tattered with a pretty accent. These were so simple and fun to make, I know I will be living in them all summer.



Tools: Old pair of denim jeans (I used some old levis)// lace or plaid for decoration//fabric glue, tweezers//scissors// cheese grater// sand paper (basically anything to help scruff up the denim) , pen for marking preferred length

Directions:  Before you start cutting, decide on the length and then mark it with a pen or chalk. Once you’ve finished cutting one leg, fold over the jeans and cut out the other//make a few incisions in the denim to create holes. With sandpaper, rub back and forth, up and down against the holes. Measure the lace before you trim and put it anywhere you like; it would be cute to place it around the legs as well! Then, using fabric glue, begin to glue and press the lace in place! I also cut up an old flannel shirt to add a few touches of plaid on another pair! Have fun!



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