In my early years I would spend every summer at my cottage on lake superior. Our place is about four miles off the trans canada and where the road meets the highway there is a delicious ice cream store to help combat northern Ontario’s surprisingly hot summers. With a little convincing my mother would drop my friends and I off to enjoy a frozen desert followed by a walk/run back to the cottage. On one of these excursions we passed some neighbors having a garage sale. My mother is always up for treasure hunting so we pulled over to take a gander. The sale had your usual plastic figurines, exercise equipment and tacky placeholders but we were immediately drawn by two pre second world war cruiser bikes. Five dollars each and they were ours! Excited we set off on our newfound toys while dreaming about how many more ice creams we could devour with our prehistoric wheels! No sooner had we reached our top speed, the pedals locked and both bikes coasted to a standstill. We now were stranded with two heavy pieces of metal to drag for the remaining three and a half miles home. Struggling to reach the next milestone and Ill admit lacking the grit of a war hero we were forced to ditch them off the side of the road. Upon arriving empty handed my mother had no sympathy, making us return to retrieve the bikes from their premature grave.


The following summer I was bored and looking for a summer project. Remembering the old cruiser bikes, I set out on a mission to restore and beautify one. My Father and I set off for town to pick out some paint, a pretty basket and some WD40 to free the seized drive chain. By the time I was finished with the bike it was a matt shade of bubble gum pink and I was in love. I rode the bike all summer long commuting between the neighbors house, ice cream store and the beach. I had put the bike to such great use and couldn’t bare the idea of going a day without it. Luckily my uncle, a truck driver, offered to transport my pink bike from ontario all the way to Canmore, Alberta. Since its arrival it has provided me with countless summer memories and experiences all the while reminding me of my childhood on lake superior.
I took the pink bike out for a spin today. I am happy to say it is still going strong, although it may be time for a fresh coat of paint.



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