On our way home from Hawaii, we broke up the trip with a 24 hour stopover in Seattle. My brother and I have always wanted to visit this beautiful costal city so it was something to anticipate after having to leave paradise! We arrived at night, headed to our hotel after grabbing a late night dinner at iHop. The next morning we went down to Pike place and thoroughly enjoyed exploring the bustling market. We sipped morning lattes at the very first Starbucks; something that has been on my bucket list for a while now… I was pretty stoked! We also visited the aquarium, contributed to the famous Gum Wall, rode the Ferris Wheel and enjoyed a lunch of fish and chips at Lowell’s in the Market. Seattle is such a wonderful city full of art, history, and the steady, energetic hum of everyday life. You get the erie feeling that extremely creative people live here. The sea is only a few steps from the market, street musicians and entertainers occupy every corner and you hardly see a person without their precious cup of coffee. I think this is my kind of place!



  1. Susie

    Adri, you are a great photographer!

  2. Rebecca

    I love Catherine’s shoes, where can I find some?

  3. Jessica Wray

    So glad you enjoyed the city I call home. You captured it beautifully in your photos.


  4. Michaela

    Rebecca, Catherines Shoes are from El Naturalista! http://www.elnaturalista.ca/en/

  5. Adri

    Thanks Susie! 😀 and Jessica, you are SO lucky to live in Seattle!!


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