Easter is seriously one of my favourite times of year. Some of my fondest memories were early morning easter egg hunts, decorating eggs, hot crossed buns for breakfast, wearing spring dresses to the Easter service and enjoying the prolonged sunlight and warm breeze of Spring. I have been stubborn in maintaining most of these traditions as I am a sucker for nostalgia! (I fear for my children.) This weekend I hitched a ride to Calgary with my Aunt and cousins and have been enjoying the break away from school! My Aunt and I drove to Canmore this morning to spend the day in the mountains and visit my brother. Couldn’t ask for a more beautiful day!



  1. Emily

    Amazing looking eggs!! How did you manage those designs?

  2. Adri

    Thanks Emily!! All we did was use hot wax from a candle applied by tooth-picks. Then we dipped the eggs in a some food-colouring dye, let it dry a bit, added some more wax, dipped it in another colour, and so on. Super easy! xx

Easter Eggs