Now that it’s finally reading week, I’ve had time to indulge in activities other than studying! After my last midterm on Friday, I travelled back home and haven’t cracked open a textbook since. I was rummaging in the back of my closet and found a pair of old, slightly grubby shoes from Wal-Mart so I decided to spice them up a bit! My family just booked our tickets for Hawaii in the spring so I’ve been in the Tropical mood of late. : ) I put on some Jack Johnson and doodled away. This craft was easy and relaxing and I love how they turned out! I was tempted to stick with the black and white but ended up adding some colour anyway. Just imagine long boarding with these, jean shorts, a baggy tank and a topknot! If only I knew how to long board!



  1. Marcy

    What kind of pens did you use?

  2. Boryana

    Hey there, could you tell me, please what kind of pens you used!

  3. Adri

    Marcy, for the black I used a “rub a dub” sharpie and fabric markers by Marvy Uchida for the colours! (I bought them at the craft store Michael’s) Good Luck! xoxo

  4. Zoe

    I went shopping today and literallysaw a pair of aztec canvas shoes just like these in the shops for $50…
    I wasn’t going to buy them but this gives me even more reason not to!

  5. Barbara Skokova

    Really Loved that Sneakers can you please provide link for purchasing that item,
    Thanks , :)

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