I used to faithfully journal everyday when I was little. It lasted years as my stack of fully-filled notebooks can testify. It was a way to remember the little things in life that made me happy, to let my imagination run wild, plan out the future, and deal with anything troubling. Fairly recently, I have heard how journaling can be hugely beneficial in dealing with stress and anxiety. Writing out emotions is a way of “venting,” or, releasing what is on your mind. This method of dealing with problems is extremely therapeutic and calming. People who journal regularly are said to be happier, more confidant and have a greater purpose in life; I whole-heartedly agree. Journaling is also a way to document your life, preserve memories, dream, question, and inspire. I absolutely love looking through my diaries; it’s like taking a trip in a time machine and listening to the heart of my younger self…remembering the precious, as well as the tough times. One of my resolutions this year is to write a daily journal and I encourage you to do the same! So far it’s been my favourite part of the day to curl up in a blanket with my journal and tea, reflecting and collecting my thoughts.


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a life-long habit

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