I am so excited to share with you this DIY leather clutch that Adri and I made. I love anything crafty; crocheting, card making, sparkles and glue, I didn’t realize just how much fun leather-crafting can be. Everything from creating your design, punching holes, hand-stitching, the entire process is fantastic and its a rewarding one. I made this video to show you the main steps, but here are some tips that simply can’t be shown on camera:

1. Find a local leather shop like http://www.tandyleatherfactory.ca/ You will need these tools:


  • needles
  • awl
  • pricking wheel (not necessary but spaces stitching nicely)
  • ruler
  • exacto knife or rotary cutting tool
  • leather
  • waxed thread


2. Plan your design, we went for a simple envelope design with stitching up either side. Our measurements were 25 cm width by (30 cm + 13cm length)  +13 is for the fold over!

3. Make your measurements on the leather and carefully cut along your lines using the ruler as a straight edge.

4.  Next apply contact cement along both sides you will be stitching. This helps keep the holes aligned while stitching.

5. Using the pricking wheel trace along each side, marking the path your stitch will follow.

6. Measure out about 3 1/2 times the distance needed to stitch.

7. Thread the needle as shown in video. Basically you pull the thread through the eye of the needle and then split the thread with the needle pulling it all the way down the shaft of the needle.

8.The hand stitch is basically a figure eight motion each needle goes through each hole. You always want to begin the stitch from the same side. Once you get to the end make sure to double back two holes.  This diagram is really helpful!

9. You may need a little extra arm strength to hammer in the fastener, so make sure to ask for help! (or just use a screw on one like on our brown clutch)

10. When drilling your hole the second time around increase the drill bit size so it is able to fit over the fastener (this is also why we created the slits)

Good Luck! xx

Note** If you need anymore tips or advice make sure to leave them in the comments section and we will try our best to answer them! Also, if you do visit a leather shop, some may have kits with all the tools you need to start leather-work!




  1. Coralie

    I hope that i’ll have the chance to try someday !
    I follow your blog for a while, and it’s realy cute ! xx

  2. Ashley

    Very good tutorial.

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