The great thing about starting a new year is being able to have a fresh start. There is a giant list of resolutions that I could go on about; drink more water, read more, get more sleep, waste less. But instead of creating a list of things I should do, I am going to create a dream.  A dream to  be a  better person than I was yesterday. Weather it be eating one less square of chocolate than the day before, or listening to a friends story rather than going on about my own life, pushing myself outside of my comfort zone and finding the good in bad. Having a new beginning won’t happen unless its from within.


This year I was in New York for my 21st birthday during the time that hurricane Sandy hit. We took a walk through Central Park the following day, to see all the damage was devastating. Though the entire park was fenced off, we noticed someone had pushed the fence through and people were walking around in the park, sooooo we decided to quickly walk down strawberry fields across from where John Lennon used to live. Among all the broken branches and fallen leaves someone had cleared the “imagine” plate and left some flowers. I thought that was really amazing, in the time of darkness that you could still find light in that amazing city.

So here is to having hope in a brighter future, that the best of your todays be the worst of your tomorrows and all that jazz!

Lots of love and good luck in the new year! xx



  1. Kristin

    This definitely helps me vision my new year in a more hopeful light. Oh John Lennon, you inspirational man, you.

  2. Michaela


new beginnings