When making hot chocolate I don’t hold back; whipping cream, melted chocolate, marshmallows, the works! With the holidays upon us I decided to get festive with candy canes, toping it all off with sweet grated peppermint.  Tastes just like Christmas!


Here is the recipe I used:


1 1/2 cups of milk


50/50 good quality cocoa and sugar (normally I would melt good quality dark chocolate)


peppermint oil (about 3 or 4 drops)


First I like to heat the milk over the stove, then add the chocolate in afterward. Once that is all stirred together I put a few drops of peppermint oil. Then its time to decorate by grating candy canes, adding whipping cream, marshmallows, shaved chocolate, anything you like!

Next up to try is a salted caramel hot chocolate!






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festive peppermint hot chocolate

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