It’s never too early to start planning out Christmas gifts for friends and family. One of my favorite gifts to┬áreceive is a homemade card. I find them so meaningful, especially when they are personalized just for you. Lately I have been loving the look of a black sharpie on white paper, its so easy! There are so many beautiful quotes to live by, you really can make someones day with an inspiring message:)


Here are a few of my favorite quotes that would be nice on a card for any occasion:


“Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind” – Dr. Seuss


“Not all those who wander are lost” – J R R Tolken


“All you need is tea & warm socks”


“Every oak tree started as an acorn”


“Storms make trees take deeper roots” -Dolly Parton






  1. Philothea

    I <3 that quote by tolkien…….then again, i love everything by tolkien. :)

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“all you need is tea & warm socks”