After a month of being away, it was so nice to come home for the long weekend. The trees were pretty bare already but they made for a lovely golden carpet covering the forest floor. Upon my arrival, my brother and some friends lit a fire for the evening. We had tea and snacks and shared some laughs and good catch-up time late into the night. After a leisurely breakfast, saturday morning was spent ‘doing wood’ with my brother, Micah. The day was crisp and beautiful; perfect for outside chores. I love the smell of fresh lumber mingled with Autumn air. That afternoon I baked pumpkin cookies with cream cheese icing and spent a wonderful evening planned by my close friends, Ruth and Rachel. Sunday began early with a long run and a pancake breakfast before church. Thanksgiving dinner was spectacular that evening, especially after a good game of pick-up soccer. I was able to spend the majority of Monday relaxing at home, going for a walk and eating left-overs before taking the bus back to Edmonton that evening.


In this season, a time to reflect on the many blessing that have filled my life with joy, I made a list of some items that I am most thankful for:


1. family:: there is nothing greater than having a loving family.

2. friends:: who know you and still don’t mind. : )

3. Autumn walks:: the changing of the season brings such beauty and  glory to the ‘world,’ filling my soul with peace and happiness.

4. warm drinks:: seriously, I have an addiction to having a constant supply of coffee, tea, or hot chocolate at hand throughout my day.

5. running:: I don’t think I have ever loved running as much as I do currently. It’s been so nice as a study break and helps to clear my mind, make me feel better about my self, and boost my energy!


And, of course, good quality time with my little princess. I have missed sloppy kisses in the morning, warm and furry snuggles, and her ever-loving heart.





  1. Philothea

    Thanksgiving? isn’t that a month away?

  2. Phaedra

    that’s what i was thinking too, but in Canada it’s this month

  3. Philothea

    ohhh, o.k!