Wake up time: 5:30 am; the smell of cinnamon and butter fills my house as we pack for a sunrise breakfast at the top of Ha Ling peak. We prepared snacks while anticipating the quintessential moment of warm coffee in one hand while trying to balance a gooey cinnamon bun in the other. With the full moon at our backs there was no need for headlamps. As we shed more and more layers we continued to close on one of the happiest moments of this Fall. Finally, there it was in all its glory!! The beautiful sun crept over the mountain peaks resembling a fresh nectarine (which we also ate!) I hope everyone can take the opportunity to enjoy this magical moment.  It happens every day, whether on a mountain, lake or ocean. Make it count!!!





  1. Philothea

    love the new format! Looks way cool! Wish I could be there right now!

  2. Cristhel

    greetings from Mexico! your blog is so great, love it!
    Beautiful place.

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breakfast at sunrise