Currently I have a moleskin notebook sitting on my desk chalked full of lists and ideas. Another half dozen notebooks (in various stages of completion) can be found throughout my house, each with the same disorganized yet inspiring content. With all these ideas coming and going through my head I  don’t even know where to begin.  If you have an over creative mind like myself, here are a few of my tips to help channel this energy and focus on the task at hand.

-Simplicity is the key. Having one moleskin notebook, a clear desk and a cup of camomille tea can seriously bring order to a cluttered mind.

– Don’t let the day get away from you, start early with a healthy breakfast and exercise. By kick-starting your morning like this you will stay motivated throughout the day.

– Keep your workspace clean! Clutter can weigh heavy on your subconscious, inhibiting one of your most powerful toolsets. A clean kitchen can inspire delicious baking and creative meals.

– Eat veggies and protein (a lot). When my energy begins to fade, my first response is to make this snack of delicious yogurt and blueberries, effectively recharging my brain and stamina.

This song can put my mind at ease, hope you like!


Hope these tips help, if you have any suggestions would love to hear them!




  1. Coty Sánchez

    Excellent advice :) Definitely have a tidy workplace is the key!!!

  2. jeanine

    Great song!! Where do you get your playlists from ( do you hear of your artists)?

  3. Rox

    good pointers- esp the get up early/breakfast/exercise one…this is something I really need to MAKE A HABIT OF!! I have always wanted to- but sometimes on weekends it’s just so hard to motivate myself to get up! xoxo

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