I absolutely LOVE my days off. I get to wake up slowly, lounge in my pjs and enjoy late cups of coffee with a good book. We have a screened-in deck that makes for a beautiful room in the summertime! Now that Fall is creeping up, the colours are changing and the air is slightly cooler.. eventually I’ll need a cozy blanket!

Nothing like “a cup a cup a cup a cup a cup”of java jive.┬áIf you grew up listening to songs from your mother’s era, you’ll know what I mean. ; )




  1. Philothea

    Those cookies look SO good!

  2. Adri

    Philothea..they are AMAZING! I found the recipe here: http://theheritagecook.com/chocolate-brownie-cookies-for-chocolate-monday-sep-6th/

  3. Philothea

    OMG! I am so going to make those!

  4. Danita

    LOVE this post :)

  5. Jessica Wray

    with the family I nanny for out of town, I’m having a very easy morning. I just love it. There is nothing quite like sipping a cup of coffee with nothing else to do!

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