My hair is always a disaster when I am at the beach. The wind and the salt water gives me a dreadlock look that needs taming. Here are four styles that can survive any windsurf, kite surf, stand up paddle, or surf session. Head straight from the beach to lunch in town with these cute solutions.

I started by spraying this D.I.Y  beach spray  all through the hair. It gives texture and a summer “straight from the beach” look and feel.

1. The braided crown was too easy. Start by braiding two sections of your hair into pig tails and fasten with elastics. Bring each braid over the crown of your head and secure with bobby pins. Messy looks even cuter!

2. French braids are my favorite for any water sport. They pull back your bangs and keep the hair separated nicely. A way to make the simple braid a little more fun is to turn the french braid into a fishtail once you reach the neck hairline!

3. If you love to surf with your hair down, this is an easy way to keep bangs out of your eyes. Grab the hair as if you are creating a half up-half down look, wrapping it around an elastic like a bun. Again, it is okay if some hair comes loose.

4. This final look may not be for everyone but I think these pigtails are so sweet! Start by twisting the top of your hair and collect sections all the way down while continuing to twist until past the neck. Then, secure with elastic.

Those are my beach hair alternatives! How do you wear your hair to the beach?



  1. Alison

    Very Kate Hudson. I love it.


  2. Kevin

    I haven’t learnt anything, is this a site for girls?

  3. asthressaday

    is this the Kevin Sandau…from!!

  4. Steve

    I’m starting to wonder that myself Kevin. I’m still waiting for the 2012 CFL preview opine.

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