(hat and dress from aritzia, sweater free people, boots from joe fresh)

Its been especially rainy this week and I was more than excited when the sky cleared. Michaela and I took a walk through town and up to one of my favorite views. With the chill in the mountain air, it wasn’t exactly “dress weather.” I threw this easy knit sweater overtop of my dress, completing the look with a structured, straw hat, big pearls, and some wedged leather boots. A lot of the time I stick to a basic style, focusing on one piece; a sweet little dress with delicate jewellery and cute shoes. It was fun to change up the look and do some style experimenting! I am excited to come back to this look on chilly summer evenings. Finding your own style in a world where everyone dresses the same can be a challenge. There is something freeing about bringing your own unique twist that reflects your personality!





  1. Krys

    Very cute outfit. I like the boots with it.

  2. Jenn

    I love this post. How do you get such great photos of yourself? Do you have someone take them or do you use a tripod? I like the boots too!

  3. Adri

    Thanks Jenn! Michaela took the pictures of me. :) I know, the boots are fantastic!

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