Instead of packing on bronzer in the early days of summer, I have found an illuminator to be much more subtle and natural looking! This is one of my favorite summer looks. It’s so easy and the skin looks nice and healthy!

Step 1: The base

Be sure to use a primer with this look so that it lasts all day! I love Laura Mercier foundation primer found here.

The key to this look is cream products! Mix illuminator with foundation to create glowing skin. My favorite illuminator is this one by Nars. I used 50/50, but use as much or little as you desire depending on what kind of finish you want! I then blended cream bronzer on the nose, chin, cheeks and temples! (anywhere the sun would naturally hit). The star of the show was the cream color base in pearl by MAC. This is truly worth the investment as I used it on the brow bone, inner corner of the eye, cheek bone, down the nose, on the cupids bow and center of lips! I then used Clarins cream blush in coral on her cheeks and blended it outward. blend blend blend!

To finish the eyes I used cream bronzer in the crease, then woodwinked eye shadow by MAC on the lid ,a shimmery gold color that looks great on all skin types! Curl lashes and add a coat of mascara (or five)!!

Step 2:

To take this easy summer day look to evening glam, all I did was use a dark brown pencil from Mac in the color coffee and lined the lash line (getting the roots of the lashes). I extended the liner a little ways outward. I then blended this so that it became a soft line. If you are adding liner to the bottom make sure to connect the top and bottom lines!! Feel free to add more mascara!

Step 3:

I couldn’t resist a red lip with this dewy look! Use any red liner (pencil is key!) and take your time outlining your lips. Once they were filled, I then used Revlon’s Fire 018 gloss overtop. This step may take a little more time but it is worth it as lips will be more defined.


*If you have oily skin use powders instead of cream products, or you can set creams with translucent powder. This way the makeup will last all day without sliding off!



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