This D.I.Y  sea spray gives you beach hair like you have been surfing all day long! I found this recipe here and got so excited when I realized how easy it is to make, plus the coconut oil smells sooo good!




  1. Sarah

    I’ve always wanted to get those perfect beachy ways so I might have to try this. I just found your blog and I might be a bit obsessed. I love how PRETTY it is, and the different types of posts are great. I’m now following on Bloglovin’ and I’m looking forward to reading more.

  2. Dasha Gold

    Amazing tips babe! I love your post, definitely gonna share it with my friends <3


  3. HillyG

    great post! I tried this last night and it added some really nice texture to my curls! I’m adding it to my Friday Roundup over at!

  4. asthressaday

    awesome! I am so happy it worked out for you! xx

  5. Sierra

    Do you use it on wet or dry hair?

  6. asthressaday

    I used it on dry hair! xx

  7. Emily

    Can you use something to replace the coconut oil?

  8. Grace

    You can use olive oil to replace coconut oil, or really any natural oil.

  9. Ashley Dillon

    such a great DIY! I’ve never thought to make my own, but I buy the sea salt spray like crazy so now i’m excited to diy-it!

  10. saskia

    Amazing DIY, thanks so much! I can’t wait to try it xxx

  11. Paige Adams

    what kind of gel!?

  12. asthressaday

    any kind of hair gel! I used herbal essence totally twisted hair srunching gel!

  13. Jori

    Do you melt the coconut oil first? I feel like it might just be clumped in the bottle without melting it up first.

  14. asthressaday

    I didn’t melt it I just shook it up really well!!

  15. Jori

    One more question, does the actual spray do this to your hair, or did you have to curl it (or crunch it) after you sprayed it?

  16. asthressaday

    I just sprayed it in my hair and then gave it a little scrunch!! nothing too fancy didn’t curl it or anything! good luck!!

  17. Livy

    Remember to do a deep condition treatment after using seasalt especially if you have naturally curly hair! I’m a 3b-3c natural curl and this makes my hair look SEXY, but it can be really damaging due to the salt. Just a little safety tip!

  18. Nichole

    Ah! I have 3B-3C curls as well. Would it work minus the salt? What is the salt for anyhow?

  19. Cathy

    what is 3b-3c curls? I’ve never heard of that. :)

  20. Amanda

    I have stick straight hair with absolutely no wave or curl. Think it might work if I scrunch and re-scrunch? Thanks! :)

  21. Ro

    I didn’t notice the measurement of the gel. What is your recommend amount to the recipe?

  22. Ro

    Wow…tilted the screen and saw it…sorry.
    Can’t wait to try this.

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  24. Melaina

    Hey, does it have to be sea salt? Would regular salt work as well? 😀

  25. asthressaday

    To mimic a day at the beach use sea salt!! You can usually find this in the baking isle at your grocery store;) xx

  26. Alison

    Great recipe and a lot cheaper than a good quality ready made spray. For any one concerned about the salt in the mixture, just do what you would after a day of being in or on the water; shampoo your hair. Simples!


  27. Krista

    You said you used it on dry hair, did you air dry your hair or blow dry? Also where can I get coconut oil? I have never purchased before?

  28. Michaela

    I air dried my hair the night before, you cant get coconut oil from any health food store! xx

  29. Abbey Johnson

    Can I use Marrakesh Oil in replacement of the coconut oil?

  30. Taylor

    I tried this recipe today and it works great! (: I’ve always tried using store bought gels and mousses to get that beachy look but it always makes my hair really stiff and yucky feeling, but this stuff just feels natural. Thanks for the post!

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  32. Kelsi

    I dont know what kind of coconut oil to get! help!

  33. Michaela

    The one I used is by omega nutrition! good luck! xx

  34. McKenna

    Where do you buy omega nutrition coconut oil??

  35. Autumn

    Does this work for someone with literally pinstraight hair? Also, does it make hair look greasy?

  36. Michaela

    Doesn’t make your hair greasy at all! It should give you a nice texture like you have been in the sea!

  37. Kayla

    Does the spray highlight your hair like these pictures? Or is the spray just for the beachy-wave-look?

  38. Michaela

    It does not highlight your hair. It just gives you a nice texture:)

  39. jess

    can i replace sea salt and coconut oil

  40. Kaytlyn

    I used coconut scented conditioner rather than the coconut oil. It worked well!

  41. Emily

    would any kind of conditioner work instead of coconut oil?

  42. Veronica

    Is it safe for coloured hair?

  43. Adri

    yes it is safe for coloured hair!

  44. Erin

    Even when I shake the mixture my oil has solidified. Can I use something in place of the coconut oil?

  45. cute solutions : a shress a day

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  46. Katherine Martin

    Nicely done! I think Sea salt spray hair just leaves a great after-a-day-at-the-beach look!

  47. francine

    I DIY my surf spray, but with epsom salts instead. You can usually find epsom salts in the first aid or bath product section of the drugstore. Sea salt/table salt is sodium chloride, whereas epsom salt is magnesium sulfate. If you look at the ingredients of any “surf spray” more often than not the second ingredient after water is magnesium sulfate. And in any curling product you will probably also find magnesium sulfate on the ingredients list. The chemical structure is much different from sodium chloride, and it actually does help with the curl, unlike NaCl. Try it!

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  49. Kylie

    I can’t wait to try it! But, do you need to curl your hair or something like that??? Or just the spray?

  50. Jordyn

    Just the spray(:

  51. Caytlyn Stoneburner

    Will it work if you straighten your hair before?

  52. asthressaday

    I would think that should work fine! xx

  53. Jordyn

    If i want to lighten it, can I use lemon in it too?

  54. Farren

    I would think so… we used to put lemon juice in a bottle and spray it on our hair before a day outside… so it should do well… I just don’t know how much… maybe a few tbsp????

  55. Summer Hair « yesprettyplease

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  56. Cathy

    Is there something you can substitute for the coconut oil? I’m allergic but would love to try this.

  57. Beans

    My hair looks this naturally (lucky me). But for curly hair, I would suggest using less salt as curly hair tends to get really dry and damaged making it frizzy.
    Also if you want to get natural highlights, spray lemon juice in you’re before going out in the sun.
    Coconut oil that has solidified can be turned to liquid again by placing the bottle of oil into a cup or mug of really hot water.

  58. Jen

    Ok, so I tried this a few days ago, only I added some of my Chi Keratin spray to it and it TRULY works and is so cheap and awesome. For those of you who actually commented on the blog post who were wondering, it DOES NOT curl your hair. I found that when I sprayed it after I had curled my hair, the curls fell out, but if I sprayed my hair before I curled it, then curled it (using hairspray to hold the curl) then it held just fine and was exactly what I was looking for!

  59. Rachael

    I can’t wait to try this! I use Bumble and Bumble’s Surf Spray right now but LOVE anything all natural so this is right up my alley. Thanks for sharing! Check out my blog for more all natural tips if you’re interested.


  60. asthressaday

    I used all of my bumble and bumble up, it was so sad!!:( but this works just as well. Promise!! xx

  61. victoria

    Can i use a liquid hairspray instead or would this not work as well?

  62. MH

    I added half a teaspoon of natural mica dust for a little bit of shimmer. Awesome!

  63. Caytlyn Stoneburner

    How long does is take to get wavy?

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  65. Rox

    I found this on pinterest…and I’m really curious to try it out! thank-you!!

  66. Emily

    I sprayed my hair with this, then put it in a messy bun, can’t wait to see how it turns out! 😀

  67. Zainub

    I have 3b/3c hair(spirally/coily) would it work if i just replaced the coconut oil for olive oil? and what exactly do i have to do after i spray it in?

  68. mariana

    is necessary the coconut oil?

  69. Olivia

    Could’t I use a other thing than sea salt, and gel? Please help me. I’ve have a styling cream at home, who also helps to hold the hair. But can I use it? And do table salt work?

  70. Krystal

    It doesnt have to be sea salt… epsom salts work great too, and are actually better even… and for the cocnut oil, I used organix cocnut milk, works just as well :)

  71. Janice Butler

    Brooke is going to build this spray tomorrow!! Excited!!

  72. name

    Is there a sub for coconut oil

  73. Gab

    Is there a sub for coconut oil

  74. johanna

    will this work without gel? Could i replace it with mousse maybe?

  75. Sara

    Can I use coconut milk In replacement of the oil

  76. Annie

    just go to an organic food isl in your grocery store. usually the same isle as oils and dressings. Coconut oil will be there.

  77. Annie

    dont use coconut milk. it is by far not the same thing.

  78. Annie

    I know that everyone is going to hate me for saying this. Epsom salt isnt even salt. Its magnesium sulfate. used in flower beds to make leaves greener normal salt would kill a flower. use sea salt, use coconut oil, just like the poster says. I know coming from a small town that alot of stuff is hard to come by, but its not nearly as impossible as you think. Look in the tiny section of organic food in your grocery store for coconut oil, if you have ever bought olive oil its in the same place (maybe a few feet down)as for the sea salt Baleine is a fantastic company that sells 750 grams for around 5.00 CAD.

  79. Annie

    Coconut oil will be in a jar as opposed to a bottle like other oils, just in case your looking

  80. Taz

    My hair is a bit more than wavy so do I just spray it on my hair in the morning and scrunch it or should I straighten my hair first? Also does it stay in the whole day or does the beach effect wear off? This looks like a great recipe xx

  81. Parvati

    Do you need gel or can you use mousse

  82. Kyla

    Is it the coconut cooking oil or is there a different coconut oil??

  83. Haslet

    Such an amazing mix. i love it. İ couldnt find gel in Turkiye. What is gel in there? please help me :(

  84. ezgi

    Haslet gel is jole in turkey :) sac jolesi

  85. amanda medlar


  86. Destiny

    I sprayed it in my hair but what do I do ? Just leave it or what ?


    I love this mix it seams so simple, I can’t wait to try it. :)

  88. Ally

    Do you need to use gel? can you use mousse or would it just be better to not use it at all?

  89. Claire

    What could I use instead of coconut oil? Or is it a must?

  90. golrokh

    can i replace olive oil and table salt with sea salt and coconut oil????? please reply,thanks so much 😉

  91. Samantha

    Can I use hairspray in replace of gel? :/

  92. autumn

    can i replace coconut oil with olive oil ?

  93. Daniela

    All the links to the recipe are dead. Could someone please post a recipe? Thanks

  94. Samm Martinez

    Can I replace coconut oil with any type of oil?

  95. Nadiya

    Can you use olive oil instead of coconut oil?

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