Looking to remember summer 2012 forever? Try these fun ideas!!

1. have a neighbourhood baseball game!

2. visit a fruit farm, when you get home make a delicious pie!

3. with a friend, learn the lyrics to an entire song and choreograph dance moves. This may be a good one to catch on film:)

4. be a little crazy and go cliff jumping

5. host an elegant tea party with decadent treats and delicious teas…only dresses allowed!

6. go to a music festival! It’s festival season so look online for tickets to find your closest music concert. You’ll be surprised at all the amazing music there is to discover!

7. visit a hobby farm! Get on your cow girl clothes and cuddle up next to some cute sheep!

8. plan a hike, walk, or bike and picnic with friends. pack sandwiches and yummy, healthy snacks and drinks.

9. float down the river! If you have a blow up dingy bring some cheese and crackers and stop by the side of the river for a little snack break!

10. more ideas!  chop your hair off, book a crazy trip, change your room around completely, paint your nails a crazy colour, make a surprise visit to a far off friend, write a celebrity, buy a pet!



  1. colette

    is this cliff jumping picture black rock on kaanapali beach in maui?

  2. asthressaday

    I am not sure exactly! Found this image on pinterest! I’ll do some research into it tho. I love maui!!! xx

  3. Michaela

    Good eye Colette! After looking through some pictures Im almost certain that is black rock, so many turtles there! Hopefully next time I make it to Maui I’ll get my own picture like this! xx

  4. S

    Fair warning– my friend Rhonda went cliff jumping in Hawaii and didn’t land correctly in the water and ended up cracking her tailbone. Proceed with caution. :)

10 adventure ideas!