Motivation does not come easily to some people, me included! I’ve had some odd jobs piling up this past week: my room was a disaster, there was that pile of papers to sort through, my bathroom required some deep cleaning and I needed to organize some things for school. I knew I had to get going but I just couldn’t wrack up the mojo and get down to business. This ended up leaving me even more overwhelmed and annoyed at myself and the endless pile up of tasks. Finally I ignored the inner me saying, “do it later, just take a chill pill, there is too much work to be done so why even start?” I duct-taped the little devil’s mouth and against my own self will, rolled up my sleeves and got to work.

I didn’t even know where to start at first, but once I started, I found the motivation slowly ‘kicked in’. Instead of getting myself all worked up before hoeing into the challenge, I just started. My motivation tank went from zero to full, simply by shutting off my brain and using my hands. Eventually I completed every item on my list and experienced a huge sense of satisfaction. I felt like I had just discovered the greatest kept secret to success! But like anyone, I am prone to falling in the pit of laziness and overlook the feeling of fulfillment that results from completing tasks. So, I like to keep a little motto in my head to keep me on top of my life and wards off the procrastination monster. I write this motto on my ‘to do’ lists, my mirror, and my mind. Its short, its simple, its Nike: Just DO it.



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just do it.